• This is a Heading

    This is a Heading

How Do You Separate Yourself
From The Crowd

Grow Your Business with Our Managing Director Partnership Opportunity

This is a "done for you" business opportunity. As a Managing
Director, you'll have one focus: Promoting the back office. 

We are not an FMO

Partner as a Managing Director with us...or do it yourself?

Partner with our Unique back-office group health insurance specialists! Our methods will show you how to bring value before the product. This is the mindset that made Luke Phelps millions in commissions and helped hundreds of employers get in control of their group health insurance plans.

10X Your Income without stopping what you're doing now 

C: Managing Director
$97.00/mo *$1,000 one-time set up fee
  • Unlimited access to Luke Phelps 
  • Professional Web Site ($6,000 value)
  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings
  • Unlimited group health cases per year 
  • Lifetime license fee included ($10,000 value)
  • Turn-key (Just promote your new back-office team)

Get Started

Work ON  your business as an entrepreneur, NOT IN your business as technicians must do. You can own and operate multiple businesses when you're not working IN them.

Providing true value to Employers/Brokers and not just a generic quote like every one else was the key for me, so I found out what the major corporations were doing and copied that model to scale my business to $40,000 per month...

NOW, you can too - easier, faster and better because the years of hard work have been done for you.

You just don't build a company and brand like this overnight. With our private group meetings and our one on one mentorship you will have an unfair advantage to grow your business with the Group Health Consultants team!

We're asking you to stop thinking like a financial advisor and an insurance agent, and start thinking like an entrepreneur that happens to be in the group health insurance business.

We help advisors and agents help employers.

Luke Phelps

Would you rather spend years and tens of thousands of dollars replicating this yourself? Or would you rather get started today?

Join here for only $97 per month